Utilization of Optimal M&A

Our firm is a boutique law firm specializing in M&A of small to mid-size corporations.
We will find companies and complete the necessary legal documentation thoroughly in M&A transactions, from due diligence to complete takeover with confidentiality.

Current economy of Japan is optimal for acquiring and revamping small to mid-size companies and acquisition by foreign companies is highly encouraged by the government.

Japanese business culture and legal regulations hinder foreign corporations starting from scratch in Japan; therefore, procurement of an existing company is more financially sound.


Our alliance will help foreign companies partner or acquire Japanese small to mid-size companies. Together we work supporting Japanese companies expand overseas.

Supporting foreign companies acquire Japanese companies.

Although, large foreign corporations are assisted by banks and securities companies as an intermediary when acquiring Japanese companies, it is costly and mismatched when acquiring small to mid-size Japanese companies.

There are many brokers that act as intermediaries during acquisitions and alliances of small to mid-size companies, however, these brokers are not licensed, and thus it is difficult to certify their competence or reliability.

To make matters worse most of these brokers do not have the willingness or resources to help foreign companies.

Our law firm can help foreign companies find the best intermediaries to assist in facilitating the acquisition.

Whether it is in finding tax accountants, CPAs, or patent agents, we will do so at the most reasonable cost and quickly register various administrative procedures with government authorities.

We are capable of drafting contracts, which are most adherable with Japanese law due to our years of experience.

In order for foreign companies to be successful in Japan they must not only analyze the target company, but must consider the current Japanese economy and cultural nuances. Our office understands the subtleties of multi-national acquisitions.

Assisting Japanese companies expanding overseas.

Currently, even small to mid-size companies have aggressively started expanding overseas; however, it is costly, slow, and most of all risky to start from the ground up. It is better to merge and then acquire a company, which has already established itself in that particular nation.

Although, we hear much about large corporations acquiring foreign companies in the media, it is still uncommon for small and midsize companies to take such a big step.

Small and midsize companies are hesitant in foreign expansion due to the high cost of using banks, securities companies, major law firms, and accounting firms. Therefore, we hear little of such acquisitions by small and midsize companies in the media.

Ultimately, our law office is most suitable for small and midsize companies eager to expand overseas.

If needed, we can orchestrate a team of tax, accounting, and patent experts within your budget.

We have specific know how in North and South America, Europe, as well as in the ASEAN nations, East Asia, and South Asia amongst other nations.

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