The possibilities of greater tourism in Japan are endless.

1. The future looks good.

Although, more than 10 million tourists visited Japan last year, it is still rather only a few compared to France which has a population of 60 million, but annual tourists of 80 million. Similar to other developed countries, in which the number of tourists is equivalent to half of the nation’s population.

As the population of Japan is 130 million, it has the possibility to expand tourism six fold.

Japan has to offer many shrines and temples of Kyoto and Nara. Mt. Fuji has recently been listed as a world heritage.

Japan has also hosted two Winter Olympic Games one in Sapporo 1972 and the other in Nagano 1998.

Niseko is popular to many Australians and some have commented that the snow in Niseko is better than that of Switzerland. Hakuba in Nagano is also popular among not only Australians, but also Taiwanese, South Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian tourists. Japan is becoming a ski and snowboard Mecca.

Hokkaido in northern Japan offers a cool climate, rich in nature, and gourmet cuisine that it has become an Oasis for many visitors from Southeast and East Asia.

The Japan Alps is lush in foliage and excellent for trekking or rock climbing. Especially in these mountainous areas the Japanese hot spring resorts offer outdoor mineral baths.

Japan has fine arts, such as Kabuki, tea ceremony, and flower arranging.

The Ukiyo-e woodblock prints are shown in numerous museums, temples, and shrines. We can see colorful artwork such as, the murals of Korin and Sotatsu.

As one can see the tourism industry in Japan in infinite and our firm can help you, not only to obtain a business license, but for all aspects of doing business in Japan.

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